California Condor

What’s the rarest bird you've ever photographed? A unique opportunity from Formations Inc. to photograph the endangered Californian Condors at a somewhat remote location in Oregon. Let me start with a friendly FYI, the Center is closed to the public, so don't lace up your boots just yet.

Most of these magnificent condors will be released in the wild, so human interaction must remain low. We had to be extremely quiet where the only communication allowed was an occasional whisper. Most of the shots occurred behind a two-way mirror, which was less than ideal.

An interesting factoid for you; condors are scavengers, so they don’t catch prey, they only eat dead and decaying animals. Their feeding program is quite uncommon as they are fed deceased calves (donated by local farmers). They are very strong and are able to drag these calves into their main area to feed. I photographed the surplus of decaying animals strewn about beneath them, all which have been ripped apart by their super sharp beaks and claws; however I’ll spare you those photos.