Gentle Giant

I'm so excited to share this—one of my photographs of Packy has been printed life-size (about twelve feet high) and is a permanent feature inside Forest Hall at the Oregon Zoo's new $57 million-dollar Elephant Lands! The intent behind this colossal graphic is to serve as a photo-op backdrop for people to use in their family pictures. Be sure to get your photo taken with Packy! I would love to see them. I am giving away a wallpaper of Packy for anyone who shares this blog post on social media (publicly). Either paste the link of your social media post in the comments below or tag me in your post and I'll give you a link where you can download the wallpaper.

Costing about $20,000 dollars to make, it's an inkjet print on clear material, and then sandwiched between sheets of half-inch glass.  An interesting feature that most will not notice, the hairs on his chin, were digitally drawn in by yours truly.

In addition to this photograph, I work for the company Formations Inc., and we did the design and fabrication for all of the indoor and outdoor exhibits at Elephant Lands. In my 12 years at Formations, this has been one of my favorite projects to be heavily involved in. I work with such a dedicated and talented team. I am proud of what we accomplished with this enormous project. 

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