Gonzalez Family

A sincere thank you to the Gonzalez family for commissioning me to photograph their beautiful family at a park in downtown Vancouver, WA.

Since most of us spend the majority of our day working hard to provide for our families, we all like to be reminded throughout the day of those we are working for. Adorable photographs like these on our office desks can make a long day at work, suddenly pass by in a flash. I'm a huge believer in capturing those candid moments which are the most true-to-life photographs. This is why I love photography, I'm able to freeze a moment in time, and give it to someone who can now cherish that moment forever.

The second photograph is one of my favorites due to the negative space around the family, it's a subtle way to frame them. "Show me your FUNNY FACE!" is an essential phrase in my linguistic arsenal of capturing smiles from children. I love how their eyes light up when I mention the characters out of their favorite movies, it's a sure way to get a genuine smile.