Headshots with Gabe

For a LinkedIn networking strategy (and other social media purposes), a client of mine needed some fresh new headshots, something that sets himself apart from the rest of the crowd. To me, it's all about the face. With every type of social media platform requiring a headshot, I like to crop in tight to show off what is most important—you.

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Gear Used:
Nikon D610  |  Tamron 70-200 F/2.8 VC  |  Two Nikon SB910's  |  Three Pocket Wizard Plus X transmitters  |  Westcott Rapid Box  |  Westcott Umbrella  |  Two, round 40" Silver reflectors  |  Manfrotto light-stands  |  White background

To Frame Without a Frame

When a straight-on portrait isn’t working for you, this little posing trick yields a nicely framed headshot. Create some interesting diagonal lines by simply having the subject create a frame around their face with their hands and arms. Framing their face can add depth and structure to a portrait.

The majority of us have a social-media presence, and the first thing potential customers see is your profile photo. This portrait reflects your persona, and your business. Poorly-lit photos and "selfies" can reflect in a negative way, and will shy those away who are looking for your professionalism.