Headshots with Patty

A returning client asked for new headshots as she takes her new role as President of American Cinema Equipment. With a position like that, your headshot has to be powerful. The expression is so important in a headshot. If you don't connect with your viewer, then what have you accomplished? 

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Gear Used:
Nikon D610  |  Tamron 70-200 F/2.8 VC  |  Two Nikon SB910's  |  Phottix Odin trigger system|  Westcott Rapid Box  |  Elinchrom 39" Deep Octabox  |  Round 40" Silver reflectors  |  Manfrotto light-stands  |  White background

To Frame Without a Frame

When a straight-on portrait isn’t working for you, this little posing trick yields a nicely framed headshot. Create some interesting diagonal lines by simply having the subject create a frame around their face with their hands and arms. Framing their face can add depth and structure to a portrait.

The majority of us have a social-media presence, and the first thing potential customers see is your profile photo. This portrait reflects your persona, and your business. Poorly-lit photos and "selfies" can reflect in a negative way, and will shy those away who are looking for your professionalism.